If you buy any kind of evacuation equipment, it is extremely important to make sure that your staff is trained so that they can use the equipment if they need to do so.  You need to be sure that anyone who might need to use the evacuation equipment is professionally trained.

Why not get trained by the manufacturer?

Evacusafe offers training courses. We are the people who actually design and manufacture the equipment, and therefore, we know every element and all of the workings. Our trainers have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Some courses can be taken online, but we also offer on-site training classes at a location that is convenient for you.

The benefits of professional training

The courses will teach you about the difficulties of being a person who suffers from a mobile impairment, people of determination, and how to best use the equipment you have purchased. Loss prevention is a major issue during an emergency and you’ll learn how to avoid it. You’ll learn about where is best to store the equipment and how to use it safely and securely.  Each course also tells you about the laws that require businesses to make sure they are accessible for disabled people. When you successfully finish the course, you will get a certificate to prove that you have been trained how to use the equipment safely.

Evacusafe offers two levels of courses

Our training courses can also be tailored to other brands of evacuation chairs and equipment, not only the Evacusafe brand but other brands which you may have already purchased.  Just give us a call and let us know what you require. Both types of training courses are fully certified.

In the UK our courses have received the approval of some of the leading Health and Safety bodies.  We feel this should give you peace of mind as it provides further clarification of the extremely high level of our professional training courses.

Basic Operator Courses

Our Basic Operator Training is for individuals who need a good understanding of how to operate evacuation equipment.

Key Trainer Courses

Key Trainer courses are available for companies and organizations who wish to have their own staff trained to a level that enables them to deliver their own evacuation equipment training sessions.

Contact us

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